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Fearless NCAA Football Predictions

September 2, 2011

Finally, the opening of the college football season is upon us.  All of the off-season headaches and bad press can be pushed to page 2.  With an early slate of games already in the books, I thought I’d better make my predictions for the season before it’s too late.  So without further adieu, I give you my thoughts on the upcoming season.

Big 10 Champions: Wisconsin over a 3-conference loss Nebraska squad in Indianapolis

SEC: Alabama over Georgia in the SEC title tilt

Big 12: Oklahoma

Pac-12: Oregon will throttle Arizona State (taking the place of an ineligible USC) in the inaugural Pac-12 Championship Game.

Big East: Pitt

ACC: Florida State will knock an undefeated Va Tech out of the BCS Championship hunt  in the ACC title game.

BCS National Title: Alabama will ride their unbelievable stable of talent to the top of the BCS, as they will top Oklahoma for the national title. 

Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Wisconsin

Orange Bowl: Florida State vs. Pitt

Fiesta Bowl: Boise St. vs. Notre Dame.  Some how, some way, even with 3 losses, the Irish will figure out a way to get into the BCS.

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. Ohio St.  Will the voters put the Buckeyes on double secret probation and influence their final ranking?  Or will they break through any perceived biases?  It will be interesting how voters will rank teams that don’t even win their divisions, although it hasn’t seemed to hurt SEC squads in the past.  In fact, it may be worse to lose the conference title game than to not make it at all, much like I think will happen with Virginia Tech.

Heisman: Landry Jones – Oklahoma.  Do I think he’s the best player?  No, but he’ll meet all the criteria for recent winners.  Glamour position, tradition-rich school, and solid numbers for a national championship-contending team.  Look for LaMichael James of Oregon, Andrew Luck of Stanford and Marcus Lattimore of South Carolina to join Jones in NYC.

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